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10.07.2013, 22:28

Stanton System


Anyone who played Wing Commander or Privateer remembers that bars are where pilots go to meet… and Star Citizen won’t be changing that tradition! Pictured here is the look-and-feel concept art for the Arccorp Bar in the Stanton System. The Star citizen universe will be full of places like this where you’ll meet fixers to get missions, overhear the latest rumors about the universe around you and enjoy a drink or two.

These look and feel pieces are created to give level designers an idea of what the planets, stations and other areas they’re building are supposed to look like. they aren’t the final look of the game, but they’re a good example of what we’re striving for!

CIG is closed Thursday and Friday for the Fourth of July holiday… but that won’t stop the Wingman! Be sure to check in Friday morning for a new Wingman’s Hangar, recapping the events of the 24-hour livestream with guest Michael Morlan.

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